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24 Oct

Fall Unique Challenges and Opportunities for Your Home

It’s not until Mid-October that signs of Autumn typically arrive in Texas. As the Indian Summer draws to a close, before the leaves fall and the wind turns chilly, it’s a good idea to do some seasonal maintenance on your home. Here are five (5) things to add to your fall “to do” list.Check for mold. The humidity of summer can cause mold to flourish. Check locations such as around leaky pipes, cabinets, generally areas that don’t get good ventilation. You will want to remove the mold as soon as possible. It’s wise to have this done by a professional.Have...

03 Jun

When Bill Gross Speaks; We Listen

There are a small group of individuals who speak and grab our collective attention. Bill Gross is one of those individuals. Earlier today he was on CNBC and made some interesting comments. CNBC.com was kind enough to summarize that interview and we wanted to pass it along for our collective audience. Bill Gross: Get ready for an 'entirely different' market CNBC Reporter; Jacob Pramuk | @jacobpramuk Bill Gross has some bad news for investors. In his June investment outlook released Thursday, the widely followed bond fund manager contended that bond and stock returns realized in the last 40 years are...

14 Jan

It’s that time again… Property Tax Tips for Filing in 2014

Here are 5 property tax tips for a successful filing in 2014 First off, make sure all your current property taxes are paid. The tax code is very clear in placing the burden of making sure taxes are paid squarely on the taxpayer, not the tax assessor / collector. Failure to receive a tax statement does not relieve you from responsibility that prior year taxes are paid on or before January 31 of each year. Second, take pictures of your property on January 1 each year. The effective date of all tax appraisals is January 1 each year. You are...

26 Aug

The Train has left the Station!

According to Industry reporting, home prices are going up, up, up, but it’s not a bubble just yet. The surge in home prices over the past year may have some home buyers wondering if the market has gotten ahead of itself. Rising interest rates aside, housing prices in most parts of the country appear to have plenty of room to move higher if the wider economic recovery remains intact. The latest data on price gains show home prices advanced 7.7 percent in the year through June, a rise that has fed on itself as fence-sitting home buyers move to buy...

04 Dec

Financial planning: What it’s not and what it is

Recently one of our staff member within the Efinity Mortgage team asked what we felt was a fairly brave question during a meeting involving cross-platform personal (Insurance - Financial Services - Mortgage Lending). In short, she asked what our Licensed Financial Professionals did and was there a difference between financial "Planning" and "Advising". The answer was of course was clearly yes; there is a difference however the explanations which followed were a bit less clear. We felt this would be an excellent talking point within our firm. We set out to obtain Efinity's own definition of not only both terms...